Barker Roger A. Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance

Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance provides a user-friendly introduction to the anatomy, biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology of the human nervous system within one, succinct, highly-illustrated volume. The double page spreads begin by summarising the anatomical structure and function of the different components of the central nervous system, followed by a section on applied neurobiology which outlines how to approach the patient with neurological and psychiatric problems and provides an overview of treatment and management options. Key features of this fourth edition include: A manageable overview of the structure and function of the central nervous system Full guidance on how to approach the patient with neurological problems and the investigations used in the most common scenarios Cases highlighting the clinical relevance of the basic neuroscience New chapters on the major neurotransmitters of the CNS and their functions, the enteric nervous system and stroke A fully updated companion website with interactive self-assessment questions and case studies, flashcards and revision notes at www.ataglanceseries.com/neuroscience Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance is the ideal companion for anyone about to start a basic neuroanatomy or neuroscience course, or can be used as a refresher for those in clinical training.

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Etsuro E. Uemura Fundamentals of Canine Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology

Fundamentals of Canine Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology introduces the fundamentals of veterinary neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, demonstrating structure and function as it relates to clinical applications with a highly visual approach. Offers a straightforward yet comprehensive introduction to structure and function of the nervous system Demonstrates the relevance of the basic principles to the clinical setting Illustrates concepts using line drawings, photographs, micrographs, and MRIs Includes access to a companion website with review questions and answers and the figures from the book at www.wiley.com/go/uemura/neuroanatomy

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Ben Greenstein Color Atlas of Neuroscience

Taking a uniquely visual approach to complex subject matter, this pocket Flexibook gives you a full understanding of the basics of neuroscience with 193 exquisite color plates and concise text. Following in the successful tradition of the basic sciences Thieme Flexibooks, this title presents anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology of neuroscience.You will find in-depth coverage of: neuroanatomy, embryology, cellular neuroscience, somatosensory processing, motor control, brain stem and cranial outflow, autonomic nervous system, and much more! The book is designed to supplement larger texts and is ideal as both an introduction to the subject and a complete study guide for exam preparation. It will prove invaluable for all medical and biology students.

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Thomas Champney H. Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy

Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy is an accessible introduction to regional and functional neuroanatomy, which cuts through the jargon to help you engage with the key concepts. Beautifully presented in full color, with hundreds of annotated illustrations and images, Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy begins with an introductory section on the regional aspects of the topic, then discusses each structure in detail in relation to function. Clinical examples are provided throughout, to reinforce the concepts learned and highlight their clinical relevance. Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy: Features a dedicated chapter on the use of imaging studies used in clinical neuroanatomy, including how to evaluate these images Highlights topics important to clinical medicine, but often neglected in other neuroanatomy texts, such as trauma, infection and congenital considerations All illustrations and images are oriented in the clinical view, so the correlation between drawings, photomicrographs and clinical imaging is standardized and there is a seamless transition between illustrations containing basic neuroanatomical information and the relevant clinical imaging The functional aspects of neuroanatomical structures are color-coded (green = sensory; red = motor; purple = autonomic), so that structure to function relationships can be more easily learned and retained Includes self-assessment and thought questions in every chapter Supported by a companion website at wileyessential.com/neuroanatomy featuring fully downloadable images, flashcards, and a self-assessment question bank with USMLE-compatible multiple-choice questions Essential Clinical Neuroanatomy is the perfect resource for medical and health science students taking a course on neuroanatomy, as part of USMLE teaching and as an on-going companion during those first steps in clinical practice.

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Choudhury Suparna Critical Neuroscience. A Handbook of the Social and Cultural Contexts of Neuroscience

Critical Neuroscience: A Handbook of the Social and Cultural Contexts of Neuroscience brings together multi-disciplinary scholars from around the world to explore key social, historical and philosophical studies of neuroscience, and to analyze the socio-cultural implications of recent advances in the field. This text’s original, interdisciplinary approach explores the creative potential for engaging experimental neuroscience with social studies of neuroscience while furthering the dialogue between neuroscience and the disciplines of the social sciences and humanities. Critical Neuroscience transcends traditional skepticism, introducing novel ideas about ‘how to be critical’ in and about science.

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Douglas J. Gould Clinical Neuroanatomy

Practical, case-based resource helps students integrate content from neuroanatomy and clinical courses Clinical Neuroanatomy: A Case-Based Approach by Douglas Gould and Gustavo Patino presents nervous system anatomy in a clinically-integrated manner, making it an ideal learning tool for medical students. Forty-seven succinct patient presentations feature a step-by-step walk-through of the lesion localization, correlating neuroanatomy with signs and symptoms. Each consistently organized case also includes the patient complaint, salient medical history, physical exam findings, discussion of symptoms, differential diagnoses, and potential tests. Key Highlights High-yield, patient-focused vignettes challenge students to «find the lesion» and propose differential diagnosesImages provide an illustrative review of relevant anatomy and impacted pathwaysA visually-rich appendix provides a quick anatomical guide to upper and lower motor neuron manifestations, the central nervous system, and lesion locationsQuestions at the end of each section help students develop the ability to apply anatomy knowledge to the clinical setting This is a must-have resource for medical students and clinicians seeking to apply neuroanatomy concepts to the initial patient approach. It is also an invaluable prep tool for the USMLE® or any other high-stakes exam covering neuroanatomy.

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Campbell Stephen R. Educational Neuroscience. Initiatives and Emerging Issues

Educational Neuroscience provides an overview of the wide range of recent initiatives in educational neuroscience, examining a variety of methodological concerns, issues, and directions. Encourages interdisciplinary perspectives in educational neuroscience Contributions from leading researchers examine key issues relating to educational neuroscience and mind, brain, and education more generally Promotes a theoretical and empirical base for the subject area Explores a range of methods available to researchers Identifies agencies, organizations, and associations facilitating development in the field Reveals a variety of on-going efforts to establish theories, models, methods, ethics, and a common language

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Adam Carter The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Forensic Neuroscience

Explores how the explosion of neuroscience-based evidence in recent years has led to a fundamental change in how forensic psychology can inform working with criminal populations. This book communicates knowledge and research findings in the neurobiological field to those who work with offenders and those who design policy for offender rehabilitation and criminal justice systems, so that practice and policy can be neurobiologically informed, and research can be enhanced. Starting with an introduction to the subject of neuroscience and forensic settings, The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Forensic Neuroscience then offers in-depth and enlightening coverage of the neurobiology of sex and sexual attraction, aggressive behavior, and emotion regulation; the neurobiological bases to risk factors for offending such as genetics, developmental, alcohol and drugs, and mental disorders; and the neurobiology of offending, including psychopathy, antisocial personality disorders, and violent and sexual offending. The book also covers rehabilitation techniques such as brain scanning, brain-based therapy for adolescents, and compassion-focused therapy. The book itself: Covers a wide array of neuroscience research Chapters by renowned neuroscientists and criminal justice experts Topics covered include the neurobiology of aggressive behavior, the neuroscience of deception, genetic contributions to psychopathy, and neuroimaging-guided treatment Offers conclusions for practitioners and future directions for the field. The Handbook of Forensic Neuroscience is a welcome book for all researchers, practitioners, and postgraduate students involved with forensic psychology, neuroscience, law, and criminology.

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James R. Augustine Human Neuroanatomy

Human Neuroanatomy, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive overview of the anatomy of the human brain and spinal cord. The book is written at a level to be of use as a text for advanced students and a foundational reference for researchers, clinicians in the field. Building on the foundations of first edition, this revision looks to increase user-friendliness and clinical applicability through improved figures and the addition of illustrative case studies. Written by James R. Augustine, with decades of experience teaching and researching in the field, Human Neuroanatomy, authoritatively covers this fundamental area of study within the neurosciences.

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William Hodos Comparative Vertebrate Neuroanatomy

Comparative Vertebrate Neuroanatomy Evolution and Adaptation Second Edition Ann B. Butler and William Hodos The Second Edition of this landmark text presents a broad survey of comparative vertebrate neuroanatomy at the introductory level, representing a unique contribution to the field of evolutionary neurobiology. It has been extensively revised and updated, with substantially improved figures and diagrams that are used generously throughout the text. Through analysis of the variation in brain structure and function between major groups of vertebrates, readers can gain insight into the evolutionary history of the nervous system. The text is divided into three sections: * Introduction to evolution and variation, including a survey of cell structure, embryological development, and anatomical organization of the central nervous system; phylogeny and diversity of brain structures; and an overview of various theories of brain evolution * Systematic, comprehensive survey of comparative neuroanatomy across all major groups of vertebrates * Overview of vertebrate brain evolution, which integrates the complete text, highlights diversity and common themes, broadens perspective by a comparison with brain structure and evolution of invertebrate brains, and considers recent data and theories of the evolutionary origin of the brain in the earliest vertebrates, including a recently proposed model of the origin of the brain in the earliest vertebrates that has received strong support from newly discovered fossil evidence Ample material drawn from the latest research has been integrated into the text and highlighted in special feature boxes, including recent views on homology, cranial nerve organization and evolution, the relatively large and elaborate brains of birds in correlation with their complex cognitive abilities, and the current debate on forebrain evolution across reptiles, birds, and mammals. Comparative Vertebrate Neuroanatomy is geared to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in neuroanatomy, but anyone interested in the anatomy of the nervous system and how it corresponds to the way that animals function in the world will find this text fascinating.

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Professor Roger Alistair Barker — Behavioural and Clinical ...

Roger A. Barker is the Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and Honorary Consultant in Neurology at the University of Cambridge and at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. He trained at Oxford and London and undertook his clinical and research training in Cambridge as well as the National Hospital for Neurology in London.

Professor Roger A. Barker, FMedSci — Cambridge Centre for ...

In the Barker lab, at the John van Geest Centre for Brain Repair, we are researching the neurodegenerative diseases Parkinson's disease and Huntington's disease. We run both clinical and laboratory based research focused on determining what causes these diseases and how we can improve the lives of patients living with them.

Professor Roger Barker :: Cambridge Neuroscience

Roger Barker discusses cell therapies for Parkinson's disease; Four Cambridge neuroscientists were listed in the most recent edition of Highly Cited Researchers. Cambridge BRAINFest 23-25 June 2017; Science Café with Professor Roger Barker; Key publications. Clelland CD, Choi M, Romberg C, Clemenson GD Jr, Fragniere A, Tyers P, Jessberger S, Saksida LM, Barker RA, Gage FH, Bussey TJ (2009 ...

Roger A. Barker (Author of Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience ...

Roger A. Barker is the author of Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance (3.89 avg rating, 9 ratings, 1 review, published 2012), Neuroscience At A Glan...

Roger A. Barker's research works | University of Cambridge ...

Roger A. Barker's 33 research works with 347 citations and 3,343 reads, including: Implantation of the clinical‐grade human neural stem cell line, CTX0E03, rescues the behavioral and ...

Roger A. Barker's research works | University of Cambridge ...

Roger Barker is funded by the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre in Cambridge, Cure PD, PDUK, European Research Council under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme: FP/2007-2013...

Roger Barker - Roger Barker - qwe.wiki

Roger Garlock Barker (1903 in Macksburg, Iowa - 1990 in Oskaloosa, Kansas) war ein Sozialwissenschaftler, ein Gründer der Umweltpsychologie und eine führende Persönlichkeit auf dem Gebiet seit Jahrzehnten, vielleicht am besten bekannt für seine Entwicklung des Konzepts der Verhaltenseinstellungen und Personal Theorie.. Barker erwarb seinen PhD von der Stanford University und verbrachte ...

Roger A Barker - Colleagues

Roger A Barker. Search for Roger A Barker's work. Search Search. Home Roger A Barker Colleagues. Roger A Barker. Applied Filters. Roger A Barker; Affiliations. University of Cambridge (4) University of Exeter (1) Publication Date ...

Roger A. Barker

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Barker Roger a - AbeBooks

Neuroscience by Barker, Roger A. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.co.uk.

Neuroscience at a Glance: Amazon.de: Barker, Roger A ...

Neuroscience at a Glance | Barker, Roger A., Barasi, Stephen, Neal, M. J. | ISBN: 9780865428720 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch ...

Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance: Amazon.de ...

Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance | Barker, Roger A., Cicchetti, Francesca | ISBN: 9780470657683 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

Neuroanatomie et neurosciences (Anatomie physiologie ...

Roger A. Barker est professeur de neurosciences cliniques et consultant honoraire en neurologie à l Université de Cambridge et à l hôpital Addenbrooke s. Ses principaux intérêts sont les maladies neurodégénératives du système nerveux, en particulier la maladie de Parkinson et la maladie de Huntington. Le professeur Barker associe des recherches fondamentales portant sur de nouvelles ...

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Finden Sie private und berufliche Informationen zu Roger Barker: Interessen, Berufe, Biografien und Lebensläufe in der Personensuche von Das Telefonbuch

Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance: Amazon.de ...

Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance | Barker, Roger A., Cicchetti, Francesca, Robinson, Emma | ISBN: 9781119168416 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit ...

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Roger Antonio Barker is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Roger Antonio Barker and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected.

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See Roger L Barker's age, phone number, house address, email address, social media accounts, public records, and check for criminal records on Spokeo.

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by Roger A. Barker, Roger Barker, Stephen Barasi. First published in 1999 3 editions — 1 previewable Check Availability. Download for print-disabled Stream of Behavior by Roger A. Barker. First published in 1963 2 editions. Not in Library . Neuroanatomy and neuroscience at a glance ...

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Find Roger Barker for free! Get current address, cell phone number, email address, relatives, friends and a lot more. We're 100% free for everything!

Amazon.com: Neuroscience at a Glance (9780865428720 ...

Amazon.com: Neuroscience at a Glance (9780865428720): Barker, Roger A., Barasi, Stephen, Neal, M. J.: Books

Roger A. Barker (1929-1935) - Find A Grave Memorial

Roger A. Barker . Birth: 4 Oct 1929: Death: 30 Apr 1935 (aged 5) Burial: Blackburn Cemetery. Ashe County, North Carolina, USA: Memorial ID: 21555314 · View Source: Share. Save to Suggest Edits. Memorial ; Photos ; Flowers ; Son of Avery & Justin Stuart Barker. Son of Avery & Justin Stuart Barker ...

Books by Roger A. Barker

Roger Barker · Stephen Barasi · Michael J. Neal: Neuroscience At A Glance: 978-0-86542-869-0: 1999: Roger Barker · John V. Priestly · Michael J. Neal · Stephen Barasi · M.j. Neal: Non-Dopamine Lesions in Parkinson's Disease: 978-0-19-537108-6: 2010: Glenda M Halliday · Dominic B Rowe: Parkinson's Disease: Your Questions Answered : 978-0-443-06417-3: 2002: Thomas Foltynie · Simon J.G ...

Roger Barker - Wikipedia

Roger Garlock Barker (1903 – 1990) was a social scientist, a founder of environmental psychology and a leading figure in the field for decades, perhaps best known for his development of the concept of behavior settings and staffing theory.He was also a central figure in the development of ecological psychology.. Barker earned his PhD from Stanford University where his advisor was Walter ...

Roger BARKER | University of Cambridge, Cambridge | Cam ...

Roger Barker Background: Huntington's disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant neurodegenerative disorder that typically manifests between the ages of 30 and 50 years.

Results for Roger A. Barker

Roger A. Barker has written 8 work(s) Search for other authors with the same name. displaying 1 to 8 | at end show results in order: alphabetically | oldest to newest | newest to oldest. A-Z of Neurological Practice: A Guide to Clinical Neurology. Product Description: The Second Edition of A-Z of Neurological Practice builds on the previous edition with revised and updated information in a ...

Roger A. Barker (1958-2017) - Find A Grave Memorial

Roger Barker 58 of Madison, WV passed peacefully in Florida August 4, 2017, after a short illness. He recently gave his heart to the Lord with friends and family by his side. He was principal of Ramage Elementary and loved by everyone. He enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. He also loved his dogs, being...

Roger Barker

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Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance : Roger A ...

Roger A. Barker BA, MBBS, MRCP, PhD, FMedSci, John van Geest Centre for Brain Repair and Department of Neurology, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. Francesca Cicchetti PhD, Centre de Recherche du CHU de Quebec (CHUQ), Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada. Emma S.J. Robinson PhD, FBPhS, School of Physiology, Pharmacology & Neuroscience, University of ...

Roger Barker - EWOB

Roger Barker. Roger Barker. EWOB ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER EWOB (IOD UK) FORMER DIRECTOR. Dr. Barker is and Independent Corporate Governance Advisor at Barker and Associates, University of Oxford. Prior to that: Director of Corporate Governance at the Institute of Directors (UK) 2008 – 2016; Senior Advisor to the Board of ecoDa, Chairman of the ecoDa education committee, board member of . Dr ...

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Roger Barker turned up 58 matching records. Matches found in 125 cities including Keeseville, New York, Livonia, New York & Mount Morris, New York.

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The best result we found for your search is Roger A Barker age 70s in Van Wert, OH. They have also lived in Middle Point, OH and Antwerp, OH. Roger is related to Beth A Gurganus and Bradley A Barker as well as 3 additional people. Select this result to view Roger A Barker's phone number, address, and more.

Obituary for Roger Lee Hackler | Swicegood-Barker Funeral ...

Obituary for Roger Lee Hackler | Mr. Roger Lee Hackler, age 78, of Danville, VA, passed away on Thursday, December 10, 2020 at SOVAH Health-Danville. He was born on October 08, 1942, in Rural Retreat, Virginia, to the... Swicegood-Barker Funeral Services. Home Page. Turn Music Off Turn Music On. Music by the O'Neill Brothers. Send Flowers for Roger. Share a memory. Coping with Grief. We would ...

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Treffer 1 - 1 von 1 für Suche: 'Barker, Roger G.' Sortieren. Alles auswählen | Ausgewähltes: 1 . Ecological psychology . von Barker, Roger G. Veröffentlicht 1971 “... Barker, Roger G.... ” Gedrucktes Buch. Alle gedruckten Medien der UB können aber ...

Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance (eBook, ePUB ...

British Medical Association Book Award Winner - Student Textbook of the Year 2018Everything you need to know about Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance!

Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience at a Glance (eBook, PDF) von ...

British Medical Association Book Award Winner - Student Textbook of the Year 2018 Everything you need to know about Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience ...

Publikationen von Barkers, Roger A.

Zeitschriftenartikel. Barkers, Roger A.; Götz, Magdalena; Parmar, Malin (2018): New approaches for brain repair-from rescue to reprogramming. In: Nature, Vol. 557 ...

Professor Roger Barker | Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem ...

Professor Roger Barker Parkinson's and Huntington's disease Email: [email protected] Laboratory: John van Geest Centre for Brain Repair, Cambridge Biomedical Campus Departmental Affiliation: Clinical Neurosciences Biography Roger Barker is the Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and Honorary Co

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A-Z of Neurological Practice (eBook, PDF) von Andrew J ...

The Second Edition of A-Z of Neurological Practice builds on the previous edition with revised and updated information in a high density but easily accessible format to provide a quick and ready reference for busy clinicians of all degrees of experience.

barker g - ZVAB

Barker, Roger G. & Wright, Beatrice A., & Gonick, Mollie R. Adjustment to physical Handicap and illness: A survey of the social psychology of physique and disability. [nach diesem Titel suchen] New York, Social science research council, 1946

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Treffer 1 - 2 von 2 für Suche: 'Barker, Roger G.' Sortieren. Alles auswählen | Ausgewähltes: 1 . Ecological psychology . von Barker, Roger G. Veröffentlicht 1971 “... Barker, Roger G.... ” Gedrucktes Buch. Alle gedruckten Medien der UB können aber ...

George Leichnetz R. Digital Neuroanatomy

This multimedia resource offers a complete introduction to neuroanatomy with superb, clear and thoroughly labeled images and illustrations within an elegant navigation structure. It emphasizes the practical aspects of how to identify neuroanatomical structures, with quizzes and chapter self-assessments. The content is organised into sections covering light-microscopic neurohistology, electron-microscopic neurohistology, skull-meninges-spinal cord, gross anatomy of the brain, sectional anatomy of the brain, and brain imaging. Digital Neuroanatomy: An Interactive CD Atlas with Review Text features: Richly illustrated throughout with over 300 images A brief printed textbook that follows the same organization and approach, reviewing all the main concepts Self-grading quizzes with answers that include a detailed explanation A help mode offering animated explanations of the primary programme features A dynamic navigation structure providing direct access to specific points in the large volume of content An ideal tool for teaching, self-instruction, and self-assessment, Digital Neuroanatomy: An Interactive CD Atlas with Review Text is an invaluable resource for students, teachers, and scientists alike. It is useful for undergraduate courses and graduate courses in medical, anatomy, radiology, dental, and pharmacy schools, as well as those in schools of dentistry and physical therapy.

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Danuta Gabryś-Barker Reflectivity in Pre-Service Teacher Education: A Survey of Theory and Practice

Lady (Mary Anne) Barker Station Amusements in New Zealand

Station Amusements in New Zealand by Lady (Mary Anne) Barker libreka classics – These are classics of literary history, reissued and made available to a wide audience. Immerse yourself in well-known and popular titles!

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Lady (Mary Anne) Barker Station Life in New Zealand

Station Life in New Zealand by Lady (Mary Anne) Barker libreka classics – These are classics of literary history, reissued and made available to a wide audience. Immerse yourself in well-known and popular titles!

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Raymond Charles Barker Create the Life You Want: How to Attract Health, Wealth, Happiness and Peace of Mind Using the Religious Science of Raymond Charles Barker

"Create the Life You Want" is a collection of writings by Raymond Charles Barker, one of the most popular exponents of New Thought in the mid-20th century. Many of the essays included have been out of print and unavailable for many years. Other material is available here for the first time edited into gender neutral language for the 21st century, making Barker's ideas freshly accessible to a new audience. Barker had a unique ability to explain in a clear and simple way metaphysical ideas like the law of attraction, affirmations, meditation, mental healing of the body, and what he termed "spiritual mind treatment". He inspired many people to take charge of their lives and change in positive ways, emphasizing over and over how the power of thought can be used to heal the body, mind and spirit, and thus eliminate fear, anxiety, worry, nervousness, pessimism and unbelief. Barker was adamant that everyone could benefit from putting these principles into practice in their lives. By following Barker's advice, we can treat the subconscious blocks that prevent us from attaining our goals. We can create new ideas, eliminate problems, create happiness for ourselves and others, remove the belief of lack and limitation, and learn how to decongest our consciousness and create a fresh mind.

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Lask Bryan Eating Disorders and the Brain

Why is the brain important in eating disorders? This ground-breaking new book describes how increasingly sophisticated neuroscientific approaches are revealing much about the role of the brain in eating disorders. Even more importantly, it discusses how underlying brain abnormalities and dysfunction may contribute to the development and help in the treatment of these serious disorders. Neuropsychological studies show impairments in specific cognitive functions, especially executive and visuo-spatial skills. Neuroimaging studies show structural and functional abnormalities, including cortical atrophy and neural circuit abnormalities, the latter appearing to be playing a major part in the development of anorexia nervosa. Neurochemistry studies show dysregulation within neurotransmitter systems, with effects upon the modulation of feeding, mood, anxiety, neuroendocrine control, metabolic rate, sympathetic tone and temperature. The first chapter, by an eating disorders clinician, explains the importance of a neuroscience perspective for clinicians. This is followed by an overview of the common eating disorders, then chapters on what we know of them from studies of neuroimaging, neuropsychology and neurochemistry. The mysterious phenomenon of body image disturbance is then described and explained from a neuroscience perspective. The next two chapters focus on neuroscience models of eating disorders, the first offering an overview and the second a new and comprehensive explanatory model of anorexia nervosa. The following two chapters offer a clinical perspective, with attention on the implications of a neuroscience perspective for patients and their families, the second providing details of clinical applications of neuroscience understanding. The final chapter looks to the future. This book succinctly reviews current knowledge about all these aspects of eating disorder neuroscience and explores the implications for treatment. It will be of great interest to all clinicians (psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, dieticians, paediatricians, physicians, physiotherapists) working in eating disorders, as well as to neuroscience researchers.

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Tom Barker Law Enforcement–Perpetrated Homicides

Police violence of all types receives much attention from the media, and this is especially true for police homicides that often lead to demonstrations and protests. Police violence is a volatile, recurring social justice issue that often receives media attention, leads to demonstrations or protests and increases the tension between law enforcement agencies and the community they serve. Tom Barker examines police homicide and the different behavior patterns that lead to it, ranging from misadventure to intent. To better understand this complex issue, Barker has created 3 main categories: accidental homicides, justifiable homicides and criminal homicides. Barker includes a variety of cases from accidental deaths involving careless, reckless or negligent law enforcement officers to murders committed by LEOs engaged in organized crime or serial sexual homicides. This book will be of interest to those studying criminology, criminal justice, sociology, political science, etc.

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Roger Dooley Brainfluence. 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing

Practical techniques for applying neuroscience and behavior research to attract new customers Brainfluence explains how to practically apply neuroscience and behavior research to better market to consumers by understanding their decision patterns. This application, called neuromarketing, studies the way the brain responds to various cognitive and sensory marketing stimuli. Analysts use this to measure a consumer's preference, what a customer reacts to, and why consumers make certain decisions. With quick and easy takeaways offered in 60 short chapters, this book contains key strategies for targeting consumers through in-person sales, online and print ads, and other marketing mediums. This scientific approach to marketing has helped many well-known brands and companies determine how to best market their products to different demographics and consumer groups. Brainfluence offers short, easy-to-digest ideas that can be accessed in any order. Discover ways for brands and products to form emotional bonds with customers Includes ideas for small businesses and non-profits Roger Dooley is the creator and publisher of Neuromarketing, the most popular blog on using brain and behavior research in marketing, advertising, and sales Brainfluence delivers the latest insights and research, giving you an edge in your marketing, advertising, and sales efforts.

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Rachal Zara Wilson Neuroscience for Counsellors

This is an invaluable resource for counsellors and therapists looking to reinvigorate their practice and enhance their understanding of clients' needs. Each chapter focuses on different discoveries in neuroscience, explains them in plain English and provides guidance on how to put this knowledge to practical use in the therapy room. It covers specific psychological and neurological diagnoses including bipolar affective disorder, eating disorders and ADHD, as well as other more general issues such as attachment and addiction. The book also contains recommendations backed by evidence from neuroscience for optimum mental health involving nutrition, sleep and exercise, and a comprehensive glossary of technical terms. Presenting the practical applications of neuroscience, this book will be of immeasurable use to counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists, and also of interest to social workers and mental health practitioners.

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Clive Barker The Great and Secret Show

In the little town of Palomo Grove, two great armies are amassing; forces shaped from the hearts and souls of America.In this New York Times bestseller, Barker unveils one of the most ambitious imaginative landscapes in modern fiction, creating a new vocabulary for the age-old battle between good and evil. Carrying its readers from the first stirring of consciousness to a vision of the end of the world, The Great and Secret Show is a breathtaking journey in the company of a master storyteller.

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